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About us

Venera Stitch d.o.o. is a company that is already engaged in the production and branding of advertising material, promotional clothing for various promotions and the sale of HTZ equipment. This company was founded in 2001 under the name szr Venera, which exclusively provided services of mechanical embroidery. Because of advances in technology and increased customer needs, the need to expand the services of szr Venera soon arose. As a result, in 2006, a new laser cutting and engraving service was introduced in addition to the mechanical embroidery service, and the name from szr Venera changed to Venera Stitch d.o.o. Using laser technology, which until recently was one of the most famous techniques in the military, which over time has become increasingly used in all branches of industry, including in the textile industry, has achieved very good results, which is largely contributed to the very progress of the firm. Taking full advantage of this new technology, Venera Stitch d.o.o. From beginning, it has always strived to provide high quality products at the most affordable prices and with that, to setisfy customers. Imports and sales of laser and embroidery materials began in 2008 and four years later solvent printing on textile materials, which included emblem printing on T-shirts and work suits. A wide range of opportunities and creativity in the work were traits that contributed to the name of this company gain a prominent place among competitors in the market. When all the necessary equipment for UV printing was provided in 2014, printing on advertising materials began. Thanks to all these innovations, the range of products today already includes: alcoves and chains, Eva foam products, tiles and signs, promotional materials, etc.

With constant learning we have create a high standard of our services.

Our primary goal is to keep customers happy and to come back to us again.